Garden description: This is a two-year-old garden, still very much a work in progress. Upon moving three years ago, I started with the front yard, and I’m now filling in the back yard and attempting to grow some vegetables as well.
Who are the gardeners: Myself, with the companionship of my dog.
Why do you garden: I love the colors and textures of plants, and the wildlife they attract.
How has gardening impacted you during this time: My garden has been a wonderful retreat and occupation while I haven’t been working. I’ve also caught up with my neighbors a lot, since we’ve all been out in our yards more.
What do you have in your garden? My focus is primarily on native plants, especially good pollinator attractors. I have at times caught people stopping as they walk down the street, to take pictures of bees, butterflies, and birds in my flowers. Recently I’ve been excited by the appearance of dragonflies as well! The front yard is my mini-meadow study, a collection of vignettes and vibrant color combinations. Among the early flowers are zizia, amsonia, baptisia penstemon and iris, transitioning to the salvia, monarda, rudbeckia, milkweed and phlox currently in full bloom. Asters and solidago will take over and continue the color into November. In the backyard I am working on a rain garden, growing vegetables and flowers for cutting, and a shady retreat, a perfect spot for a hammock.
Do you have any problems with disease or pests? If so, how are you dealing with this problem? I do not use chemicals at all, and water sparingly from two water barrels. The only problem I have, really, is mosquitoes, which I’m hoping the dragonflies will help with!

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