Whimsical/Colorful/Small City Garden by “Linda Collier”

Garden description: Fun, happy colorful place that the dogs, the children, and I can relax and have fun. When Bille’ (Billecart) was a puppy and started eating the tops off all flowers I started adding statues, pinwheels, rocks I painted and other things so it would always look pretty and fun. My grandchildren refer to it as the magical mystical garden because everywhere they look they find a different animal or flower. They think they are in another land as they enjoy it since it is not like any of their homes.
Who are the gardeners: Just me. Linda. When I lived in Holland, I realized the Dutch knew how to make their tiny gardens wonderful relaxing beautiful places to be. I figure with a small space, I wanted to do the same thing. Then in Sante Fe, discovered the pinwheels and rock gardens so added that feature to my space as well.
Why do you garden: I find it relaxing and creative and is very different from my sixty plus hours a week in my wine shop.
How has gardening impacted you during this time: Luckily my business was considered essential so continued to work. Again, it is wonderful to spend time in my garden whenever I am home as it is a relaxing and peaceful place to be. My bird feeder attracts lots of birds (and squirrels) so have a constant melody going. Wonderful space for the dogs and for entertaining as the other end of my back garden has the grill and table and outside lights.
What do you have in your garden? My garden is all flowers, plants and statues – vegetables and herbs would not have a chance of surviving the two dogs. Have used wine barrels to get some of the plants up off the ground for protection and to give levels and heights.
Do you have any problems with disease or pests? If so, how are you dealing with this problem? No. Just my two dogs – Billecart and Jacquessonsonson

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Hedgerow for the Birds and Bugs by “Judy”

Garden description: In 2019 I decided to replace a boring section of backyard lawn with a hedgerow consisting of mostly native plants that provide resources to support bees, butterflies, and birds throughout the year. The result has been gratifying! Something is blooming in the hedgerow now for the entire season, April through October, attracting multitudes of interesting insects and other creatures. In the fall, lovely berries support migrating birds, while standing perennial stalks help overwintering species. The garden is also designed to be quite symmetric, giving it a certain formality despite profuse growth.
Who are the gardeners: Just me! I am a retired University of Delaware entomology professor, and have always delighted in the natural world.
Why do you garden: My professional interest was insect-plant interactions, and I continue to be fascinated by the huge variety of plants and animals, large and small, that occur even in a relatively developed suburban area. I try to foster their populations by maintaining as much diversity of native plantings as possible in our yard.
How has gardening impacted you during this time: Even though we can’t travel, each day there is something new to see in the garden. I am more appreciative than ever of the wonders of the natural world.
What do you have in your garden? Native shrubs in back are viburnums, winterberry, red-twig dogwood, summersweet clethra, buttonbush, and fothergilla. Tall perennials in the center include purple coneflowers, black-eyed Susan, Joe Pye weed, agastache, blazing star, and feather reed grass. Shorter perennials in front are moss phlox, blue star amsonia, and aromatic aster.
Do you have any problems with disease or pests? If so, how are you dealing with this problem? No insect or disease problems so far. The first year I had to pull out thousands of maple seedlings. This year only hundreds, so as the hedgerow fills in the danger of it becoming a maple grove continues to decline!

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Little Italy Lovelies by “T”

Garden description: A tiny tropical oasis in the city.
Who are the gardeners: Me.
Why do you garden: Flowers make me happy! And I like a challenge!
How has gardening impacted you during this time: It’s a great escape.
What do you have in your garden? I have hardy banana under-planted with caladiums, hardy hibiscus, a rose of sharon pruned into a tree (a work in progress!), a lemon tree, several varieties of clematis and loads of annuals- hibiscus, wave petunia, portulaca, mandevilla, sweet potato vine, lantana, verbena, calibrachoa and papyrus.
Do you have any problems with disease or pests? If so, how are you dealing with this problem? Not typically.

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Garden Oasis by “Anita Ciconte”

Garden description: Our garden is an inviting retreat from early morning to evening. The sunflowers attract yellow finches and some of the flowers attract the pollinators. You can listen to the sounds of the fountain in the one seating area and enjoy a beverage. The other seating area you can enjoy a meal or play a board game with family or friends. There is even room to play cornhole in the lawn area next to the dining table. Our garden area has versatility and is a delight!
Who are the gardeners: My husband is the primary gardener, and I’m the secondary. We have an annual family tradition and every Mother’s Day weekend we plan and purchase flowers.
Why do you garden: For relaxation and to provide an environment for nature to thrive.
How has gardening impacted you during this time: It has provided a creative outlet and provides a connection to nature.
What do you have in your garden? Planters with multiple types of annuals. The garden has cosmos, zinnias, dahlias, sunflowers. Fire and ice bush, fig trees, roses.
Do you have any problems with disease or pests? If so, how are you dealing with this problem? No.

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Flowers Gone Wild by “Flowers Gone Wild”

Garden description: I love to have flowers blooming all the time. The ones that seem to do the best self seed but of course then things get out of control.
Who are the gardeners: Mostly myself, my husband mows the lawn.
Why do you garden: for fun, I like flowers.
How has gardening impacted you during this time: I have had more of a change to enjoy the garden. Instead of it being a chore when I get home form work.
What do you have in your garden? I have a large collection of perennials, that I like to augment with flowering annuals. The yard is pretty shaded but some herbs and lettuce grow well. I try a few vegetables, the spring ones work the best. Hosta do very well and I am expanding my shade garden to include move variety of ferns.
Do you have any problems with disease or pests? If so, how are you dealing with this problem? yes, white flies. Treating with insecticidal soap.

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