Garden description: Our little green space brings natives back into the city. Bees and birds, hammocks and a fire pit, sunshine and rain showers- our outside space is our getaway. Bringing nature between the bricks and plants to replace the grass is our way to give the bees and finches a happy place to dwell.

Who are the gardeners? My wife and I created this garden so we could have a green space away from our kids’ play area. We are from Philly and Lancaster and have two little garden helpers.

Why do you garden? I love being outside and having a little oasis to go to. Having plants and veggies to teach our kids about the ecosystems, composting, growth, animals, and how life is sustained has been invaluable. From feeding our friends and families from our garden, to having a place for retreat and relaxation- we love all the positive energy the space has created for us.

How has gardening impacted you during this time? Our family has been on full lockdown this entire pandemic. I work at a grocery store and my wife is a medical provider. We have two young children who are not eligible for the vaccine yet. Our outdoor space has been a saving grace to our sanity. Creating a place for not only nature to enjoy, but for us to escape to has been so wonderful. Being able to spend our free time ripping out the turf and planting natives has been so transformative for us and the land. I am truly appreciative for everything the garden has given us in these unprecedented times.

What do you have in your garden? rudbeckia, joe pye, hibiscus, amsonia, echinacea, sambucus, phlox, vernonia, cornus, asclepius tuberosa, symphydrichum, hydrangea

Do you have any problems with disease or pests? If so, how are you dealing with this problem?Our pests are our kids picking the flowers and our dogs chasing birds.




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