Garden description: “Garden Maiden” is a topiary built around an upside down tomato cage and is reinforced with aviary wire. I filled her insides with free wood chips from a vacant lot. I then added sphagnum moss to the outside. All of the succulents were gifted from friends and neighbors.

Who are the gardeners? Sherry Shahan lives in a laid-back beach town in California where she grows carrot tops in ice cube trays for pesto. “Garden Maiden” was created with minimal expense and lots of imagination. Her face was created from a small tray and mirror from the Dollar Store. No outside instruction or blueprints were used.

Why do you garden? I have a small yard that’s mostly concrete patios. During lock-down, I began experimenting with odd-ball pots. I grew micro-greens (sunflowers) in egg cartons, carrot tops in ice cube trays, and a harvest of Yukon gold potatoes in a cardboard box that delivered a stereo.

How has gardening impacted you during this time? It isn’t merely a concern for food shortages, rising costs, and the anxiety of shopping that teased me back to soil. Gardening is a gathering place for my expressive-infused self, a space where inner and exterior worlds find space to balance.

What do you have in your garden? Drought tolerant succulents, such as donkey tail, aeonium arboreum, crassula ovata, aeonium haworthii, senecio mandraliscae, ccrassula ovata, euphorbia tiruralli, and more.

Do you have any problems with disease or pests? If so, how are you dealing with this problem? No.




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