Houseplant Gardens – 2nd Place (Tie)

Garden description: We love nature and house plants help us bring nature home into our living spaces. And we strongly believe that you can never have too many plants 🙂

Who are the gardeners? My husband Vimal and I are the two people who take care of our house plants. We discovered our love for plants two years ago when we set up our home together. Since then we’ve turned into “plant parents” inspiring a lot of friends and family to grow plants inside their homes.

Why do you garden? We love plants and having plants inside the house help purify air and calm the mind while giving your house a vibrant look. We even enjoy the process of shopping for planters and rearranging the plants inside the house to improve aesthetics.

How has gardening impacted you during this time? Being plant parents and taking care of them has been therapeutic for us and has been the best feeling during the last year. We fell in love with plants and hence have been having more and more plants at home.

What do you have in your garden? A variety of vining plants( Jade and queen marble pothos, heart leafed Philodendron), Pilea, a range of succulents ( 3 kinds of Aloe vera, Jade, Joseph’s coat, Christmas Cactus, Fairy Castle, Cylindrical Snake plant, Zeylanica Snake Plant), Mass Cane, Red edged Dracaena, Twisted bamboo, Petra croton, ZZ Plant, Money Tree ( Pachira Aquatica), Ficus Ginseng Bonsai, a small umbrella tree, few tillandsia air plants, an agave plant and a Norfolk Island Pine tree. This year I also experimented with some sedum varieties( Red carpet and lemon coral) indoors.

Do you have any problems with disease or pests? If so, how are you dealing with this problem? We had issues with Spider Mites in our Norfolk Pine tree and some fungus gnats in one pothos plant. Neem Oil spray helped with spider mites and redoing the soil helped with the gnats. We noticed that bamboo and dracaena were sensitive to chlorinated water from the tap when we first got them. So now we only use filtered water for all our plants. I use organic plant food and sometimes used tea leaves or ginger water. I also use a humidifier to maintain air humidity as a lot of my plants are tropical.


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