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Nonprofit/Garden Club


Become a Nonprofit or Garden Club level Member today to support four vital program focuses: Urban Agriculture, Public Landscapes, Urban Forestry, and Community Education. These programs help people who lack access to fresh produce grow their own, plant trees and public landscapes that beautify as they improve air and water quality, empower underserved populations with green skills, stimulate our senses, and enrich our culture. 100% of your membership is tax deductible and demonstrates a commitment to your environment and community.


  • 1 free daytime meeting at the lovely DCH facility
  • Additional discount of 10% on any other DCH facility rental
  • Membership card for use at our participating Discount Partners
  • Your organization's logo and website will be listed on our website as one of our supporters!

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  • Discount of 10% on DCH Facility Rental
  • Free Daytime Meetings at the lovely DCH facility
  • Membership Card for use at our Discount Partners
  • Free Annual Plant Dividend (picked up at DCH in the Spring)
  • Your organization listed on our website as a supporter!
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