Garden description: This is my little garden in my little yard in the back of my little row home in the city of Wilmington. It is very private, surrounded by a tall fence, and the only access is through my house. I am not from the city and even after 40 years living here still consider myself a country girl. Just about everyone knows I hardly ever get rid of anything because I am sure I will find some use for it in the future. My friends know that if they need something, and they come ask me, I will more than likely have it. I also keep things because I LIKE them or I never would have gotten them in the first place! So just about anything you see here I already had, ready o be put into service and given another life: broken furniture and dishes, remnants of my kid’s old wagons and bikes, bricks collected one by one from old ruins in Yorklyn having wrestled them from the stinging nettle and an occasional snake, and a smattering of treasures discovered at Goodwill and yard sales, and (to the eternal embarrassment of my children) a fine assortment of perfectly good and oftentimes very unusual items found “trashpicking” on Thursday nites in my neighborhood. (You wouldn’t believe what some people toss out!) I like to sit back there with my morning coffee, along with my bunnies, box turtles, the squirrels and the birds and enjoy a little bit of country in the middle of the city
Who are the gardeners: It is my garden and I like it just the way it is.
Why do you garden: Downstate folks value land and being close to the earth and growing things more than up this way I believe. All my cousins and uncles are farmers. I love feeling the earth in my hands, snagging weeds, watching things pop up. I have 3 different seating areas and enjoy having friends stop by for refreshments , and just to relax and soak in the smells and views and sounds of my garden. I often will get sleepy in the late afternoon from being outside all day and will curl up and drift to sleep in my little hidden area all the way in the back enclosed with burlap drapes.
How has gardening impacted you during this time: I miss all the visitors I so enjoyed in the past
What do you have in your garden? I honestly don’t know what half the stuff growing back there is, the squirrels are always planting something, and the birds do their part too. In fact, I never plant bulbs anymore, just throw a handful (trashpicked after Easter and Mother’s Day) out back –the squirrels are great at naturalizing. I love cleomes because I think they are beautiful and the birds and bees love them. I have been told they are weeds and invasive but they are one of the few things that don’t mind my clay soil. I also love sunflowers which sprout up near the bird feeders, vines like hyacinth bean and sweet peas. Nature does a pretty good job of sending up plants that are beautiful in my eyes, so I don’t fight her.
Do you have any problems with disease or pests? If so, how are you dealing with this problem? No disease, occasional slug or two.

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