Delaware Center for Horticulture Plants Over 60 Trees to Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day

(Wilmington, DE) – The Delaware Center for Horticulture (DCH), a local non-profit organization
dedicated to improving the community through the power of plants, has planned 6 events in
honor of Earth Day and Arbor Day. These events range from private corporate tree plantings to
educational tree demonstrations with grade school children. The events were planned to honor
the ecological holidays by providing more tree canopy to underserved communities and
building excitement for community forestry in the area.

“Community forestry has a way of bringing people together and reminding them of simple ways
to give back to the community and the environment,” said Heather Titanich, DCH Community
Forester. “Last fall, we were overjoyed with the community engagement and support of our work in
expanding tree canopy through park plantings as well as in personal yards and gardens, so we
expect to see even more excitement for trees this spring.”

The spring events began with a low-cost tree sale and will continue throughout the months of
April and May.

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