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Linda’s Vegetable Garden by “Linda Huerta”

Garden description: My husband built me this beautiful garden space! It’s well protected from the little bunnies that venture into ...
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Ein Eschengarten (One Ash Tree Garden) by “Nikki Testa”

Garden description: There is a single ash tree smack dab in the middle of our backyard that provides the best ...
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Shady Gardens by “Mark Mason”

Garden description: Suburban nature landscape with a mix of vegetables, native plants and shrubs, fruits, and ornamentals. Who are the ...
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In The Garden with Gail by “Gail Hermenau”

Vegetable Gardens - 2nd Place (tie) Garden description: My small but intensive vegetable garden includes a variety of seasonal vegetables ...
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Tickle Bee Garden by “The Newell Family”

Garden description: As with any garden, ours is continually evolving and has many influences. The starting point for this one ...
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The Back Forty by “Gail”

Garden description: My garden is limited in space as it is in a 55+ community. Plants chosen must be productive ...
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Half Acre Garden by “John & Shannon”

Vegetable Gardens - 2nd Place (tie) Garden description: The main garden is a 600 sq ft rectangular fenced area. The ...
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Shepherd’s Community Garden by “Good Shepherd Lutheran Church”

Vegetable Gardens - 1st Place Garden description: We are a faith based community garden. We have 7 large raised beds ...
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Veggie Garden by “Lacie Seager Ruiz”

Garden description: This is a new garden since we just moved! I wanted an area that was sectioned off from ...
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